Branding & Identity

Whether you're starting up, starting over, or giving your brand a revamp, you want to get noticed — and for the right reasons. Your brand should tell everyone that you know what you're talking about and it should be consistent across every touch point of your business. Popdot know how to make your brand speak to your audience.


Is your website doing what you need it to? Or is it just a glorified business card? Great websites pay for themselves in no time as they work 24/7 as your robot sales guru. Strategically built and designed sites instantly convey trust to your visitors, make it easy for them to choose you and convert more leads into paying clients.

Stuff to help you win

You've heard it before: a picture is worth a thousand words. Design is the most powerful tool in your communications toolbox and we can help you leverage it to win more, sell more and earn more. Be it a tender submission or a social post, combining the right visual message with persuasive copy that your audience can relate to is our forte.


Some of our clients

I met the Popdot crew at Fishburners in Sydney where they were doing design work for half the startups in the building. Following some strong recommendations I engaged them to design my new website. I’ve been using them ever since on everything from web design to slide decks to proposal templates ... Popdot provide so much more than just design as they really understand the strategic side of branding and marketing a small business. This has been so important for me and they provide a great addition to my team.
David Wesson, Director, Evolve Social

We love an 'aw, shucks' moment as much as the next person, check out what our clients have to say about us here.


The definitive checklist for websites that convert

If most of your clients are coming to you via word of mouth during office hours, imagine the potential growth to your business if your website is optimised to bring in leads 24/7. Our definitive checklist outlines the 12 must-haves to make your website more than just a calling card so you can convert more visitors into clients.


We are your design team


Popdot is made up of Nicole Sidoti (Founder and Creative Director), Stephanie Gunn (Senior Graphic Designer), and a dedicated team of design and marketing gurus. We're based in Sydney but it took us a while to get here.

Nic launched Popdot in New York in 2012 after being struck by an entrepreneurial seizure. You know the kind. The company grew quickly to include the talented creatives we have on staff today.

We've worked with everyone from tiny startups through to big corporates, with clients in 14 countries. Our experience is global with local style and serious substance. We work strategically from a wealth of experience to deliver the results your business deserves.


We’re based out of Fishburners, literally at the epicentre of the startup world in Sydney. We’ve learned so much about entrepreneurship, business and innovation that all of our brains are at least ten times bigger than when we joined back in 2015. Seriously, we’ve learned a lot.

The biggest thing we’ve learned is an in-depth understanding of our ideal client. We’ve stopped working with just anyone, instead saving our talent for like-minded folk who want to grow a great business and who can visualise success.

Our reason for being is to help businesses get where they're going by always communicating, listening to problems to find the best solutions, and producing excellent work.


We're small, but, hey, small is the new big. And we like it this way. By staying small we can have real relationships with our clients. That means that when you phone us, you speak to a designer, never to an account manager or intermediary. We are part of your team.

Having worked with hundreds of businesses, our processes have been honed and streamlined to get results without the hassle. Schedules, checklists, systematised workflows — we're all over it.

Our experience is top notch and we pour quality into every project, no matter how small or how tight the deadline. Scrappy just isn't us. We're proud of the work we do and we work crazy hard to craft exactly what you need. Promise.


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